Business Development Coaching

This is a coaching program that analyzes your current business development activities and accomplishments and focuses on creating strategic steps necessary to create a unique and authentic brand, a strong network. We work to maximize your business development activities and make them part of your normal business day. This coaching can also been done in small group sessions.

Career Development & Coaching

This is a coaching program focused on examining and developing strategies to realize your career goals and business objectives–whether in a traditional legal career or not. This can include a 360 review at an additional cost if desired.

Business Development for Firms

Provides advice and guidance to firms with regard to their business development activities. This may include one on one business or accountability coaching for key members of the team.

Vision Quest Programs.  This program helps law firms and other organizations examine their business and develop a clear mission and objectives moving forward.

Small Group Coaching.  Group business development and career coaching that focus on networking, develop a brand, cross-selling and business development. Each participant will be required to track and share their business development activities to increase accountability and develop strategic business development habits.

Training Programs and Workshops

We have a number of training programs on a wide variety of topics that can be honed to meet the needs of your firm or organization. These include:

  • Developing a successful & fulfilling career
  • Creating an authentic & effective brand
  • Strategic networking and relationship building
  • Business development
  • Client Service &understanding clients’ needs
  • Gravitas/executive presence
  • Mentoring & sponsorship,
  • Pitching for business
  • Leadership & management skills including influencing outcomes, navigating politics, impactful communication, effective delegation, feedback, and talent development
  • Creating an effective affinity group
  • Creating a vision, mission & strategy

Speaking Programs & Engagements

Speaking programs focused on how to achieve career fulfillment and success, leadership and management, business development, creating impactful connections, talent management, business development, value of diversity and strategic planning

Customized Professional Services

These are programs customized to meet the unique needs of your firm.