Our founder, Sheila Murphy has recently given advice in three articles on personal and career development. In all of these articles, Sheila focuses on authenticity and the skills necessary to have the fulfilling and successful career that you want. To read these articles click below.

  • Sheila Interviewed on Career & Talent Development

    Recently, Sheila was interviewed by ClariLegal article on the importance of talent and career development and how it creates value for clients and other stakeholders. Among other points, Sheila argues that by devoting time and resources into developing talent, one leaves an organization in a stronger position than it is today; by developing a diversity of talent, one even adds greater value – as organizations with diverse talent outperform other organizations. Ihttps://www.legalbusinessworld.com/single-post/2020/02/21/A-ClariLegal-interview-with-Sheila-Murphy

  • Sheila’s Networking Advice to Small Businesses Cited in CO E-Magazine

    In CO, published by the US Chambers of Commerce, Sheila’s networking advice to small businesses was shared. Sheila stated: “Networking helps businesses stay ahead of the curve by exposing them to thought leadership, best practices, upcoming trends and insight into how other small businesses may be approaching similar issues,”.“You may also discover synergies that can be beneficial to everyone. In addition, allowing people to learn about your business in a positive way can lead to buzz that can help your business grow.” https://www.uschamber.com/co/start/strategy/experts-explain-how-to-network

  • Sheila Murphy Interviewed on Lawyers as Managers & Leaders.

    Sheila Murphy was interviewed on Lawyers a Managers & Leaders by @scottlove on his Partner Podcast, a monthly show providing partner-level attorneys with monthly information to enhance their careers and improve their lives. Sheila discussed how to be a leader at any point in your career. https://attorneysearchgroup.com/podcasts/

  • Sheila Murphy Receives WIPL Lifetime Achievement Award

    On October 17th, Sheila Murphy was recognized by Women, Influence, Power in Law for her dedication to and success in helping women and people of color in the legal profession achieve their career goals.  As a tireless advocate for others, Sheila received the Lifetime Achievement Award.  This is, however, a bit of a misnomer because Sheila continues in her quest for career equality and diversity in law… and will do so for years to come!

  • Sheila Murphy to Receive Lifetime Achievement Award from Corporate Counsel and Inside Counsel

    Sheila Murphy who has, for over 20 years, helped women achieve success in the legal profession, is being recognized at the 2019 Women, Influence & Power in Law Conference in Washington DC in October, where she will receive the Lifetime Achievement Award for her commitment to advancing and empowering women in the legal profession.

    Despite the name of the award, Sheila is deeply committed to continuing her work to help women and others advance with Focus Forward Consulting. 

  • Women Worldwide Interviews Sheila Murphy

    Sheila Murphy was recently interviewed on Women Worldwide. Sheila talks about her passion for helping people succeed in the business of law, especially women.  Sheila also discusses reaching your full potential and career success. Sheila offers  practical advice and guidance on how to build an fulfilling career and covers various topics, such as networking, sponsorship, and getting out of your comfort zone. To listen or watch click here.

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